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HOw Would Owning Your Own

Credit Repair Business

Change your life?

What Would... Having Your Own

Credit Repair Business

Mean To You...?

From: Daniel Rosen
Where: Credit Repair Cloud
How would owning your own credit repair business change your life?   
It’s different for everyone.

For some, it means leaving the job you can’t stand.

Or, it could mean becoming the boss you know you could be.

And for others, it could mean changing lives by helping others end the struggle of living with poor credit.  

Before I share with you the POWER and IMPACT of the “Credit Hero Challenge”  and what it can do for you… 

 Let's take a look at a few things...

Please check each box that describes you

I feel undervalued at work every day and want OUT of my job?
I'm searching for a more meaningful & fulfilling way to make a living.
I'm looking for an additional income stream to my current career.
​I want to make a real impact in my community by helping others.
​I want to be my own boss, work when I  want, and live without limits 
on how much I can earn.

If you checked ANY of the boxes above, then I want to invite you to Join the “Credit Hero Challenge” So You Can Change Your Life AND Change the Lives of Those You Serve.

So, Here's How The Challenge Works

The Challenge costs just $47 to join. That’s it! This doesn’t even come close to covering the cost of our expert coaches, live daily accountability, and Q&A you’re getting. 

We could easily charge $1500 for the Credit Hero Challenge.

Probably even $2500 or more, since we ARE helping you set the foundation for your new business with daily coaching and mentoring. But…

All You Pay is $47




Total Value:  $1,806

Your Investment: Only $47

If you want to get your new Credit Repair Business up and running  in record time, then this is the mission we’re giving you…

It all starts February 26th!...

Do YOU Accept?

Get Daily Training, Coaching, & Insider Strategies EVERY DAY during the challenge!

Want to Know More About What You Get Before Making Your Decision?

Perfect! Here’s EVERYTHING You Get When You Join The Credit Hero Challenge TODAY!

The First Thing You’ll Get Access To Is The...

Credit Hero Challenge Kit

Shipped Immediately To Your Doorstep!

Your Challenge ‘Kit’ has Everything You Need For Success 

When you join the Credit Hero Challenge today (for just $47) I'm going to ship you a kit with the Item #1, Item #2, and Item #3. 

Here’s what you get when you join the Credit Hero Challenge
 14 Days of Credit Repair Business Start-Up Training
Get ready to have your world ROCKED!

You’ll get exclusive access to step by step training videos where credit expert Corey and I will personally coach and mentor you.

It’ll be like we’re right there with you, delivering over-the-shoulder guidance!

Each video is designed with a specific goal to help you succeed.
Which means, you’ll get RESULTS EVERY DAY when you do the work.

PLUS, once you complete specific trainings, you’ll get your Certification for that module!

You’ll feel confident and a wonderful sense of pride for your achievement.
 Fast Track Credit Repair Business Roadmap
We made it super simple for you to go through the Challenge with this soup to nuts detailed roadmap.

This easy to follow infographic lays it all out for you, step by step…

So you know exactly what to do, the day to do it, and all the milestones along the way.

Your 14 days will fly by…yet your eyes will pop when you see how far your business has come in such a short time.
We made it super simple for you to succeed with this easy to follow roadmap.

This step by step infographic lays it all out for you…

So you know exactly what to do, how to do it, and all the milestones along the way.

Soon you'll complete your entire challenge and be amazed at all you accomplished in such a short amount of time! 
 Credit Repair Business Workbook 
Staying organized and on track is key to your Credit Hero Challenge success.

That's why this companion workbook to the video training, is such a powerful tool! 

Not only will it help you stay on track, but it'll also encourage you to track your progress and celebrate your daily wins! 

When you complete each video, do the work, and track your wins you'll feel momentum throughout the whole challenge! 

Plus, as you gain momentum, you'll have more ideas. This is the perfect place to write all your ideas down so you can implement them when it's time to grow your profitable credit repair business! 

The Workbook is your success companion, so keep it with you and refer to it often. 
 Unfair Advantage Cheat Sheets
These ‘at-a-glance’ cheat sheets focus on all the things that the Credit Repair Pros do which will get you results super fast.

Quick and to the point…all meat, no fat.

Warning: You do NOT want the competition getting their mitts on this insider information.

These cheat sheets contain the ‘top secret’ formula for your success. They’ll save you a ton of time as you get your business off the ground.

Pure gold!
Get results with these "at a glance" cheat sheets.

Quick and to the point… all value - no fluff.

We compiled all the best-practices used by our top 1% credit repair earners and put them all in this bonus! 

Warning: You do NOT want the competition getting their mitts on this insider information.

These cheat sheets contain the ‘top secret’ formula for your success. They’ll save you a ton of time as you get your business off the ground.

Wait! There’s More!
You Also Get These BONUSES…

 BONUS #1:
3 Credit Repair Course Certifications
You did it! 
You put your nose to the grindstone, you focused… And you crossed the finish line!
Your 14 Day Challenge is complete!

It’s time to reward you for all your hard work, dedication, and professionalism with 3 special Certificates of Achievement and Completion to hand on your wall.

You’ll receive the:
  • CRC Software Certificate
  • ​Basic Disputing Certificate
  • ​Credit Hero Challenge Certificate
PLUS, you’ll also receive 3 Certification Badges for your Linkedin Profile so other professionals can see you out for your services!
You did it! 

You committed, focused, and never gave up!… And you crossed the finish line!

Your Challenge is complete!

And for all your hard work, dedication, and grit, you earned:

3 special Certificates of Achievement and Completion to display your expertise on your office wall or workspace. 

These include:
  • CRC Software Certificate
  • ​Basic Disputing Certificate
  • ​Credit Hero Challenge Certificate
PLUS, you’ll also receive 3 Certification Badges for your Linkedin Profile so potential affiliates will see you're the go-to expert in credit repair!
 BONUS #2:
Behind the Scenes Interviews With Our Credit Repair Millionaires 
These exclusive Interviews are reserved for our top level full service clients.
But, when you join the Credit Hero Challenge, we’re going to include them for FREE!

You’ll get backdoor access (don’t tell anyone) to these high octane interviews so you can model what they reveal and use these million dollar strategies in YOUR business.

Remember…each of these millionaires started where you are now…

Scared, nervous, skeptical, not knowing a thing about credit repair, no experience, and green as grass when it came to starting a business.

You get to stand on the shoulders of giants!
 BONUS #2:
 Graduation Training: How Our Millionaires Club Winners Grew Their Business To 7 Figures
It can be a lot easier than you imagine.  

Once you dig into this bonus training, there’ll be no stopping you from reaching your dreams.

You already have everything it takes inside you to make it happen.  

I’ll give you the advanced techniques and tools our top users have used to scale their business to 5, 6, and 7 figures. 

Just follow the formula we lay out for you, take action, and watch what happens.

If you’re dedicated to your success, and your ‘WHY’ is big enough, then you possess the right stuff to reach your goals.
This is your chance to stand on the shoulders of giants as you learn EXACTLY what our top 1% did to get where they are today! 

You already know you have what it takes to be a Credit Repair Millionaires Club Member... 

You just need the HOW.    

I’ll give you the advanced techniques and tools our top users have used to scale their business to 5, 6, and 7 figures. 

Just follow the formula I show you, take action, and enjoy the results!

You know WHY you want to succeed. Let me show you HOW to truly make your dreams come true and change a lotta lives in the process. 

I'm Holding NOTHING BACK!  
ALL these BONUSES are Included When You Join The “Credit Hero Challenge”

I’m committed to keeping the “Credit Hero Challenge” at a STEAL of a rate, so that anyone can join and take advantage of this incredible and rare opportunity.

Your SuperStar ‘Credit Hero’ Coaches

Led by CEO and Credit Repair Business Mentor Daniel Rosen and his Team of Expert Coaches, The ‘Credit Hero Challenge’ is designed to help you Customize and IMPLEMENT your business plan in just 14 Days!

Daniel Rosen

“The Mentor”
Daniel built his 8-figure business from NOTHING and knows exactly what it takes for you to do the same. 

Throughout your Credit Hero Challenge, he'll lead you step by step as you gain an understanding of "big picture business strategy". 

With Daniel's mentorship you'll avoid classic pitfalls and adopt only what WORKS.  

corey gray

“The Expert”
Corey has over two decades of credit repair experience and has processed over 23,000 clients! He’ll take you by the hand and walk you through your daily challenge missions... So you reach your goal and become the expert in your community. 

Corey is a master of building profitable credit repair businesses and with the challenge, he's in your corner!

crc experts

“The Coaches”
CRC Coaches  will guide you every day on LIVE Group Calls

Get all your questions answered in real time! 

Consider these amazing coaches your business accountability team.

Their job is to keep you on task to make certain you ‘EXECUTE’ each daily mission…and help you cross the finish line in just 14 Days!

What Taking The Challenge Will Do For You

The 14 Day Credit Hero Challenge will show you exactly how to…
  • How it's possible to get a client in just 24 hours
  • ​Easily repair your credit
  • ​Read a credit report
  • ​Fully understand the fundamentals of the credit system
  • ​Identify common reporting errors
  • ​Send letters to the credit bureaus that get results
  • ​Follow a simple step by step credit repair checklist
  • ​Build a solid foundation for a REAL business
  • ​How to create an audit report
  • ​How to help your clients to pull their credit report
  • ​Automate work flows for maximum efficiency
  • ​Build your confidence AND instill confidence in your clients
  • ​Approach friends and family without being ‘salesy’
  • ​Help your neighbors and coworkers
  • ​Get friends, family, and clients to refer business to you
  • ​Attract paying clients using our magnetic “Attraction Techniques”
  • ​Consult like a pro
  • ​Position yourself as the go-to Credit Expert in your market
  • ​Onboard new customers
  • ​Get testimonials that do the selling for you
  • ​And so much more 

Your Mission

(Should You Choose To Accept...)
Your Challenge Is To TAKE ACTION And Complete The Action Steps Given To You… Every Day For 14 Days
So here’s the deal.

There will be prep work involved...

We want you READY and PREPARED to be as successful as possible.

There will be homework…

And that’s because every single day you’ll be taking steps toward BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS!

So the only question for you is…

Do YOU Have What It Takes?

By the time 14 days is up... and if you complete EVERY action step… you WILL have the foundation in place for your new Credit Repair Business!
Daniel, Corey, and the CRC Coaches will be right there with you, every step of the
way to help you FINISH the challenge and complete your mission!

Not only that, you’ll be on your way to launching your very own
BUSINESS…a startup you can be proud of!

How The Credit Hero Challenge Is Different

Opposite of nearly everything out there, the ‘Credit Hero Challenge’ is NOT a course you get and will never use.

With most courses and programs, you’re left to ‘figure things out’ on your own.

And we both know that's the WORST way to get things done...and the most DISCOURAGING way to learn something new.

That’s why we designed this special ‘challenge’ with the most successful learning style we know of…
The one that gets the most proven results. 

Here’s how this is different:

It combines key BUSINESS ELEMENTS you need to know…

With the MENTORSHIP and ENCOURAGEMENT you need to EXECUTE your daily action steps…

PLUS a team of ACCOUNTABILITY coaches to make sure you stay on track every day.

Because here’s the thing…

Knowledge is never enough. You need...


If you think of it…

Where else can you get the CEO of a company and their TOP coaches and executives teaching you how to start your own business?


You’re not getting some ‘hired gun’ or ‘outsourced vendor’ showing you what to do…

You’re getting the experts who helped build a multi-million dollar company to coach YOU for 14  straight days.

That just doesn’t happen...ANYWHERE!  It’s INSANE!’re getting it for just $47.

You’d have to pay $25,000 to hire me for a single day of consulting.

So when you sign up for the Challenge, you get everything we talked about for just pennies.

Are you pumped? Are you ready to get your very own credit repair business off the ground?

Then now is the time to execute and TAKE ACTION!

this challenge is
not for everyone!

If you’re not committed to your own financial health and stability, then please pass on this offer.

This is NOT for someone who makes excuses as to why something can’t be done…

”I don’t have the time,”  “I’m not smart enough,” ‘I’ve never started a business before,” “Maybe I’ll do the Challenge another time.”

If you just want to watch the training every day…

But never do anything with it, that’s entirely up to you.

Here’s what I’ve discovered from years of experience and running a highly successful company...

The most successful people in life are those who do what it takes to achieve their goal. They take 100% responsibility for their actions and never make excuses.

They have drive, passion, and the will to succeed…even if they don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle in place and even if they’re scared.

Someone once said, “What’s the difference between fear and courage?...

Fear is wetting your pants. Courage is doing what needs to get done with wet pants.”

So being scared and nervous is part of the process.

I believe that if you’ve read this far, then you have what it takes to join “The Credit Hero Challenge.”

This Challenge is perfect for you if you want to…

Be your own boss
Create a profitable business in record time
Create a steady flow of recurring revenue month after month
​Be the entrepreneur you’ve always wanted to be
​​Call the shots and work when YOU want to work
​Leave your job and live life on YOUR terms
Add a ‘side hustle’ for an extra stream of income
Help yourself, your family, and friends end their
financial struggles
Empower others with the gift of the “credit edge”
​Create a life of financial freedom for you
and your family
Live the lifestyle you deserve

so, what’s the catch?

We’re offering this challenge because we know that when you have success creating your own credit repair business…

A business that more than 79% of the people in your community and around the country need…

You’re more likely to continue working with us to grow and explode your company.

That’s our ulterior motive in a nutshell. 

As you create more and more success, you’ll stick with us and continue to use our software to fuel the engine of your success.

The $47 you spend doesn’t even come close to what it takes to pay my team to run this challenge. So we actually lose money for every person who signs up.

So you might be asking, “Why would I do this?”

I’m a firm believer in ‘results in advance.’ If we can’t help YOU build the business you want, then we don’t deserve your money.

The whole goal is to help you create an exciting money-making that, hopefully, you’ll reinvest some of those profits into the products and services that we offer.

Sound fair?

Time Is Of The Essence...

The next Challenge starts VERY SOON.

In fact, it begins on February 26th!!

If you’re reading this, there are still a few spots left for the upcoming Credit Hero Challenge.

If the page is not live, you’ll have to get on the waitlist. 

So click the big button and get registered TODAY.

Sign up now.
Because the chances of you doing this "LATER" is …let’s face it… pretty slim.

Look, there’s a ton of reasons you might have for saying, “I’ll do the next one” or “I don’t have time.”

But, can I just ask you - if not today? WHEN? 

When is 14 days of your life worth:

Changing your life
Changing your family's future
Helping your community
Living the life you want and deserve...

And so much MORE?!

If it's not worth it now...

It will likely never be and you need to give up on your dream.  

But if you're NOT ready to quit on the life you KNOW you and your family deserves, then...

Do what it takes and COMMIT NOW.

Block off the time to TAKE THE CHALLENGE.

NOW is the best time to jump onboard and take the “Credit Hero Challenge.”   

I promise you it will be the best investment you’ve ever made for yourself and your loved ones.

Because at the end of those two weeks, you’ll be so thankful that YOU DID IT!

100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m going to make this a REAL EASY DECISION for you.  

I guarantee if you play full out and dive in with both feet, get on the daily coaching calls, and implement what we show you…

You WILL have the core foundation and understanding for a successful credit repair business.

If you feel that the challenge and all that you’re getting isn’t worth 10 times what you’re paying, then you can send back your challenge kit within 30 days from the day it arrives at your house, and receive a full refund of $47.
I’m putting my money where my mouth is. I’m taking on all the risk.

All I ask is that if you’re not 110% satisfied within 30 days of buying this training, then you can send back your challenge kit within 30 days from the day it arrives at your house and I’ll refund your forty seven bucks.

That’s it.

And if you’re like other people who commit to the challenge, this experience will change the way you do business...and life.

Here’s What To Do Next

To get started, simply click on the button below to create your account. It's that SIMPLE.

I can’t wait to see you build your new business and hear about all your successes!

I’ll see YOU inside the training!
Daniel Rosen
PS: Did you just skip to the end of the letter to see what you get? I get it. I do the same thing sometimes.

Here’s the deal when you sign up for the Credit Hero Challenge…

This challenge was specifically created for folks who are seeking to start their own profitable Credit Repair business without having any experience whatsoever…while helping others end their financial struggle and restore their credit.

This jumpstart training includes everything you need to succeed: videos, secret strategies, blueprints, cheat sheets, Q&A, a roadmap, workbook, plus millionaire maker bonuses.

Total value: $1,806. Your investment: Only $47. Register NOW.

100%: Money Back Guarantee: If you complete the challenge and don’t feel you got an amazing value, then you can send back your challenge kit within 30 days from the day it arrives at your house, and I will send you a full refund of $47.

 Here’s A Recap Of


When You Accept The ‘Credit Hero Challenge’ Today! 

Next Challenge Starts February 26th!

For Only $47

Step 1: Pick Your Plan

First Name *

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Step 2: Billing Info

Billing Information *

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Step 3: Get This unfair Market advantage!

Limited Time Offer: Get an EXCLUSIVE unfair advantage over your competition! Want my cheat sheet of over 50 marketing channel ideas to fill your pipeline with NEW, PAYING, CLIENTS?! It’s yours for JUST $27! But hurry, this offer is only good right here - right now! ... It self-destructs in t-minus 10... 9... 8... 7...

Item amount
Dynamically Updated $XX.00

Hear What These Folks Just Like You Have To Say About

Starting Their Own Credit Repair Business…

Arron Clarke
Went from homeless to hero
Deunka Alston
Young mother who wanted a flexible business
Serge Bagdasarov
Nearly lost his life, now he changes lives
Derrick Harper Sr.
Started by helping his friends in the Air Force
Jeff Rubins
Loves helping people to reach their dreams
Samuel Naquin
Left real estate business to help some buyers
Andre Coakley
Had enough of the mortgage industry
Tracy Arnett
A victim of ID theft & now help others
Seth Mitchell
Overcame adversity & emerged a winner
Serge Bagdasarov
Nearly lost his life, now he changes lives
Abraham Matyas
Wanted to change lives in his close community
Kevin Carroll
In 2 months I grew to over 100 clients, making 10K a month
Tayon Mitchell
It feels good to have paid clients coming in
Thomas Few
I’ve been able to get paid clients and get items removed succesfully.
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